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Single Ply Straight Warp Belting

Low Stretch, High Impact Conveyor Belting


Beltservice Corporation's premium Single Ply Straight Warp heavy duty belts are designed specifically for the toughest conveying applications where low-stretch, impact resistant, high strength belts with excellent load support are required.

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  • Quarries
  • Log Handling
  • Cement Industry
  • Recycling
  • Auto Shredding
  • Heavy Metal Scrap
  • Mining
  • Construction Industry

Its carcass is made length wise with a polyester straight warp, intersected crosswise by nylon fill weft, that are bound together with synthetic warp fibers.


  • Impact Resistant
  • Rip Resistant
  • Low Stretch
  • Superior Lace Retention
  • High Cover Adhesion
  • Cut, Gouge and Tear Resistant
  • Excellent Load Support
  • Outstanding Troughability

Beltservice's Single Ply Straight Warp belt provides exceptional durability because of its tough synthetic carcass and heavy duty Grade-1 covers. The belt also has excellent bolt-holding capabilities for buckets and mechanical fasteners in abusive applications.


  • Large Stone
  • Heavy Ore
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Copper Ore
  • Feeders Under Rock Crushers
  • Primary Crushers
  • Magnetic Separators