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Flanges & V-Guides

A Wide Variety of Custom Flange Shapes and Bottom V-Guides


Beltservice offers a tremendous variety of flange shapes and compounds to custom tailor each belt for its particular application. Bottom V-Guides are also available to help minimize tracking problems with these belts, which often operate on short centers.

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Flanges prevent product spillage and may be notched or siped for operation on smaller diameter pulleys. Many sizes and profiles are available.

Bottom tracking V-Guides are used whenever conditions create belting alignment problems, as with overly short or relatively wide belts. Beltservice can provide molded rubber guides in a variety of materials, including: Nitrile, Neoprene, SBR, and Butyl; PVC and Polyurethane are also available. V-Guides can be molded to virtually any base belt!

Flange Compounds:

  • Rubber
  • Rubber - 40 Durometer
  • Rubber - High Temp
  • PVC
  • Urethane

Standard V-Guide Sizes:

  • A 1/2" W x 5/16" H
  • B 5/8" W x 7/16" H
  • C 7/8" W x 5/8" H
  • D 1-1/4" W x 3/4" H

All V-Guide Sizes:

  • K-6 1/4" (6mm) W x 5/32" (4mm) H
  • K-8 5/16" (8mm) W x 3/16" (5mm) H
  • K-13 (A) 1/2" (13mm) W x 5/16" (8mm) H
  • K-17 (B) 5/8" (17mm) W x 7/16" (11.11mm) H
  • K-22 (C) 7/8" (22mm) W x 5/8" (16mm) H
  • K-30 (D) 1-1/4" (30mm) W x 3/4" (19mm) H